How To Take Beautiful Nude Girl Photos

There was at me a group on a course on a photo profile, with very initiative listeners. We with them finished all occupations, and they came into contact with me supposedly continuation we want: there to master illumination of hair, to consolidate the modeling light and that it that is beautiful and on the naked model… We want to learn as to photograph a beautiful Nu. I slightly strained, because an esthetics, beautiful exposed flesh and nude well not so mine. To me so that it is vile, it is sometimes vicious, but nevertheless with taste. There is not nothing to do, I can recede – the authority will fall. Declared a casting for models, picked up a photographic studio with a bed (for organic placement of naked model in future nude photoshoot place). Gave classes, and even with children something turned out. “Eww” three times, this time carried by, and again there came the calm yes good fortune in my head, but for a while. Customers began to be interested, whether I will be able to photograph for money so that the beautiful nude pics turned out the case. Eh, shit, out of luck, it is necessary to learn to take photos of nude girls beautifully.

Being the person methodical, in the beginning I decided to study the best samples of the world photo of a beautiful exposed nude bodies of women. Wandering according to websites, you can find nice ones with a huge collection of the per-selected pictures (I do not recommend to look for under-ages). Checked out about 10 000 photos, analyzed, separated good, from my point of view, pictures from bad, began to look for patterns. And found something.

Patterns of nude photographing

  • The model should not be full (the brilliant decision allowing to reduce processing time in the Photoshop).
  • The model for shooting in style nude has to be the young girl. It also reduces processing time in a Photoshop. But my customers could not get under this pattern. But the following pattern was fortunately revealed…
  • Total blur does not leave the invoice of skin of model to us, mere mortals, any chances to be made even on beauty to them. After all we, unlike them, cannot Photoshop ourselves, and then go with blurry on a face to shop or for work. Blur Photoshop it is necessary to master.
  • Places for a model posing fully naked, only two: on a bed (sofa) and in all other places.
  • Main idea of shooting of nude: the beautiful, young, incomplete, naked model in a beautiful pose.
  • The beauty of a pose consists of diagonal lines of the main parts of a body of the model. Feet give an essential share of diagonal lines.
  • Shoes allow to cover a foot of models and to make essential part of the model even more essential.
  • Fingers of feet should be pulled.
  • Shooting with the small depth of sharpness (side) is used in nude shooting more widely, than in the portrait photo. To apply this reception, the model should be removed in nonconventional, for a photograph, a foreshortening – along the direction of a body and, naturally, on an open diaphragm (a photo 4-6).
  • On a face the devil gives often drawing light knows what light-and-shade drawing. But, the main thing that on convex parts of a body (and feet) it gave to the model volume through a treatment of light and shade.




Analyzed the best nude photos of women, I defined some sample poses, characteristic for an exposed flesh photoshoot. Some of them to me were known from portrait shooting, (on a course on a photograph I show them, and we remove them). All our portrait sample poses, and their derivatives, master’s degree students, are used and at nude shooting! Also I calculated the new templates specific to the studied genre. I also should master them in the forthcoming photoshoots.

Best practices of shooting beautiful nude girls

Mythical being Gava invited me to assist her when shooting an exposed boobs. Models of about forty and it in peak form (photo 11). On a photo shoot I tried to interfere with Gava’s process as little as possible. Generally gave advice on work with poses and only occasionally took the camera in hand. Strongly absence in a bed photographic studio irritated. Anyway, we held that photo-shoot not badly though I was dissatisfied with the passivity. Therefore, I decided to carry out the following shooting in nude style under the management, that is the camera has to be in my hands the most part of a photo-shoot. By then I already carried out the above-mentioned analysis and had theoretical knowledge how to remove the naked model is beautiful and glamorous.

Drew up the plan of working off of poses on a photoshoot. Even during practice, we with pupils found out that if at a bed two backs, the next to the camera prevents to conduct photographing for the majority of plots. Therefore, the studio was chosen with the bed having only one back. Our following model for nudes slightly more than thirty, it is harmonious, with a beautiful breast and the interesting person.

Established the drawing and filling light for shooting on a bed. Lines, and the sofa in that photographic studio looks is more glamorous. Spat everything, and rearranged light on a sofa. Decided to use the light-and-shade drawing “cloudy day”. For this purpose, a crane brought the drawing light over a sofa and as it is possible above to receive more uniform illumination of a scene down. It did not relieve of easy reexposure of a wall at upper part of a shot, but a RAW format + Local Adjustments in the Capture One RAW converter easily coped with this problem. Unfortunately, it was not succeeded to hold on the device to the center of a sofa (down) – there was no bar departure of a crane. Having made trial photos on an average (2 steps) and big (without the filling light) contrast of a treatment of light and shade, I decided to refuse use of the filling light as I liked deep shadows more.

The model worried and was not solved. Tactfully, but it is firm, to suggest it to be bared. Itself lay down on a sofa, picked up and showed an initial pose with which I wanted to begin photographing. Noticed that at symmetry of the girl of a fold on a stomach nevertheless are shown at a body deflection. At first thought that I will move away them the Photoshop, but decided to check the idea which came right there: asked model to cave in slightly in spin. The idea worked – folds left. I widely used this reception of fight against folds on a stomach in all photo session (opening, important for me!).

As the drawing light was on a crane, management was complicated by it. Therefore, I looked for such position of the head of model at which on a face one of portrait light-and-shade drawings turned out.

Taking nude photos on bed

Actually, it was also planned as the main place of a photoshoot. Established the drawing light slightly further, then usually, meters in three from the center of a bed. It is necessary to receive more uniform illumination of a scene. The filling light with contrast in two steps gave a volume treatment of light and shade at that transparency of a shadow which was suitable for shooting in a high key. The light cover, pillows, a back of a bed and a wall, also helped creation of a high key, popular style for romantic nudes shooting.

I am not the supporter of artificial receiving diagonals which are created often by the beginning photographers due to turn of the camera on some corner (a photo 12). Therefore, we put the model and diagnose as much as possible parts of her body that looks really sexy. In total in the same way as well as at portrait shooting.

And here with a side I did not manage to work. Left at home a lens of 70-200 mm., and on 105 mm. a lens which stood on the camera, it will not be possible to receive strong degradation. Well anything, I will try to imitate a side in the Photoshop. And on the following photographing I will work with a side really.

Thus, I managed to work two sample poses of the model lying on a bed and to find some provisions for hands, characteristic when shooting beautiful nude photos.

Tasks to follow while shooting nude girls:

  • to fix work with the passable sample poses of the model at photographing nudes.
  • To fulfill two more sample poses from my collection of the best poses for nude shoots.
  • To work with a side.

Wait for the next part about processing these photos in Photoshop.